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Top LCD, a Hong Kong-registered company, has over 10 years’ experience in the mobile field, specializing in the purchase and resale of damaged screens, motherboards and used mobile devices, from sources worldwide.

We work with telecom companies, large repair lab networks and local brand franchises to provide our customers with unique advantages that bring them the best prices in the shortest possible time.

We buy:

    • Damaged screens (Apple, Samsung, LG) and guarantee to always pay the highest possible rate on the market at any given time.
    • Used, complete motherboards (Apple, Samsung, LG).
    • All types of device in any condition, including faulty devices in need of repair, from older smartphones (e.g. iPhone 4, Galaxy S2/3) to the latest handsets.

We sell:

  • Used and refurbished devices (Galaxy and iPhone)
  • Refurbished Galaxy screens

We pride ourselves on our flexibility and work in a way that is most comfortable for our customers, enabling them to gain the maximum benefit from their merchandise.


Top broken lcd buy and recycle iPhones damaged and broken, faulty and scrap LCD screens.


Top broken lcd offer best price for Samsung Galaxy broken, cracked and scrap LCD Screens.


Top broken lcd buy broken, cracked and srap LCD screen and give you the best price on the market.

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