Purchase of broken screens

The company buys broken screens from Apple, Samsung, LG. All screens must be grade A, B or C. The broken screen market operates like a stock exchange and prices fluctuate generally on a weekly or two-weekly timeframe. We guarantee to always pay the highest possible rate on the market at any given time.

Purchase of motherboards

The company buys used motherboards from Apple, Samsung, LG. The boards must be complete without any parts having been removed, regardless of whether or not the board is switched on.

Purchase of used devices

The company buys all types of devices, from older smartphones (e.g. iPhone 4, Galaxy S2/3) to the latest handsets on the market. The company purchases devices in any technical condition, including faulty devices that need to be repaired, used devices, as well as new or refurbished devices.

Sale of iPhone OEM screens

For a customer who doesn’t want to compromise on quality and wants to avoid the problems associated with non-original screens, we sell iPhone OEM screens, from iPhone 7 and upwards.

The screens are 100% original, Grade A, and previously unused.

We deliver worldwide. Contact us to receive a proposal.

Sale of used devices

The company sells used devices in a number of countries around the world.

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